WordPress Menus: A Key to Good Navigation

One of the biggest concerns for a good blog is having a compelling navigation for your visitors. There are a lot of good quality Premium WordPress Themes from Woo, Thesis, and Genesis that have decent navigation. And I’ve always thought Socrates, though simple, was good as well.

But I always wanted a big interactive menu on my site. Not this site, but another one I was building. One cool thing about menus is that they can be “dropdown”. In Thesis for instance you build a lot of dropdown menus


This is great because it allows your visitors to have many more options than just the 5 or six items you can fit on the top of the page. Of course it can also be a little bit clunky. Which is why it so cool to discover this plugin on CodeCanyon called Ubermenu. This plugin creates a really big menu that looks cool and can even have graphics on it. This screenshot just shows the text:

What I like about this option, particularly if you have a site with a lot of options and pages, is that it provides all the information in one place. One way visitors get turned off is if they have to hunt and search for information. By laying out the info in such a clear and BIG manner it really gives your visitor a direction to go in. Plus it is IMPRESSIVE.

 Bigger is Better! Definitely grabs the attention of your visitor. I will put up a tutorial for this plugin later, but something I discovered later is that you can actually substitute out the menu text for IMAGES. Which means you can create the appearance of a really nice looking graphic driven Flash based menu without having to deal with FLASH (or know how to program that kind of thing).

I’ll talk about that more later. But in the meantime, I suggest you check out Ubermenu at wpmegamenu.com


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