WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners: Here are the basics of your WordPress site. Most of the work you do will involve the sidebar you see on your left. Most of the time you will be creating posts or pages, and uploading pictures.

Posts – Posts are little articles or web pages like this one, except better used when your site is a “blog”. A blog (or “weblog”) is a running series of articles that can be updated or changed all the time. All of your “posts” get grouped together into a “sitefeed” and your fans can subscribe to them over time. The difference between a page and a post is described in more depth below.

Media – Refers to Pictures, Images, or Files on your site. All of the pictures you upload are accessible by clicking “library”



Links – Any external links you want to feature on your site.



Pages – Pages are static and do not turn into a feed. Basically, it’s good to have your “about” and “contact” us pages as pages because they will never change. In the long run it’s fine to do either pages or posts for the content on your site.

Comments – You will click here to manage any comments people leave on your site

Appearance – Clicking on “Theme” is how you upload new free or premium WordPress themes to change the overall look of your site.

“Widgets” are little menus you can add to the side of your website, including menus with all your website pages, Facebook buttons, and a lot more.

“Menus” are customized menus you can create of all your web pages in whatever order you want.



Plugins – These are programs made by other users to help soup up your site. Some plugins allow people to “tweet” your blog to their friends, help with SEO, Google Analytics, and a lot more!

You don’t have to worry about “editor”, that is for programmers.

WordPress for Beginners: Menu Setup

Below these menus are the Settings menus. The first thing you want to decide is how you want your website URLS to look. The default setting makes it so that the web address of your pages looks like this:

p=8?! Ach. Yes, a lot of newbies have this problem. You write a nice long post about Angelina Jolie, and the web address doesn’t say anything about Angelina Jolie. If you look at this website, you’ll notice none of the pages have random numbers or symbols in them. This page, for instance, is: http://how-to-create-a-website.net/wordpress-for-beginners.

You want your posts and pages to also have descriptive and relevant, clean titles as well. To do so, you’ll need to change the permalinks. A permalink is the name for the web page.


Go to the sidebar menu and click “Permalinks”.




Then, you will be taken to a page that gives you options on what you want your Permalinks to look like. Take it off the default and choose “Custom Structure”, and then enter in “%postname%”, like this:

And click save. Now you will have the ability to name your pages whatever you like!


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