Wix Review: What Makes Wix Different

Wix.Com is a free site builder service that features a lot of flash templates ordered by categories. This is a unique feature that can be very helpful if you have a niche specific site. In this Wix Review I’ll walk you through some of the features that make Wix unique.

Wix Review: Wix Templates and Apperance

Wix is different from other site builders in the quality of the templates available to you. Especially when you compare Wix with Weebly, for example. Weebly, Intuit, and even WordPress sites look good and clean, but they typically look very basic. Like you can almost tell they are a template or that somebody used a free site building service.  So, for instance, here is a sample website from Weebly, which looks just fine:

Sample Weebly Site

It’s not bad, it clearly looks like a blog. And in the free version, as with many free site builders, you are limited to the pre-loaded header.

But the Wix Templates are Flash or HTML 5 based. Flash is a computer program that allows for cool animations on your computer screen. Check out a sample site from Wix:

wix review

Sample Wix Site (w arrow pointing to wix ad)

As you can see, the design of this template is a lot more detailed and professional looking.

And here’s one more:

Sample Wix.Com Portfolio Site

No wix review would be complete without mentioning that Wix has very, very specific templates available for nearly any business or interest you can think of from photography to business to specific niches like beauty, consulting, creating an e-store, etc.

Each category has pages and pages of templates to choose from.

Click here to check out Wix for yourself.

Creating and personalizing your site is quite easy. Wix has a very intuitive editor that pops up and allows you to change the color and background image, titles, and pages of your site. There’s an “express” editor which is really simple and then a more advanced one available that looks like this, but it’s still pretty easy to use.

One thing I like about the Wix editor is that it has a lot more versatility than some other site builders, like Weebly. Instead of just giving you premade “blocks” to work with (like a chunk of text next to an image) the Wix editor allows you to place pictures and text wherever you want.

Of course, since it is a free site builder, the version of your site will usually have the Wix.Com logo or other ads on the site, unless you upgrade. But at least Wix provides you with high quality templates from the get go. Weebly seems to provide you with really lame, basic designs then asks you if you want to upgrade to premium to get better design choices.

Also, your site will be yoursite.wix.com unless you upgrade to let the domain be yoursite.com. Of course the monthly fee is usually comparable to monthly hosting fees on a WordPress site.

I’ve also seen a number of quality, ecommerce sites designed with Wix. Like this one site that sells Moto Cross supplies.

It looks completely different, to me, from any of the other free online website builder sites like Web or Weebly or Website Tonight. That’s why I feel comfortable recommending Wix for ecommerce if that is your interest.

You can click here to check out Wix for yourself and design your own websites for free.

The conclusion of this Wix Review is that Wix is superior to most other free site building services, especially in terms of the visual images of the templates they provide.

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