Weebly Review

This is going to be a brutally honest Weebly Review. Don’t worry, I don’t have anything awful to say. But quite frankly I am not that impressed with Weebly as a website builder. I think you could do a lot better creating your own WordPress site or using one of Weebly’s competitors: Wix.

Weebly Review: Design and Interface

Weebly is very user friendly… a little too user friendly. I think it’s a little too simple to create a decent looking website. Most of the templates are pretty bland, and they have this option at the top of the screen inviting you to have one of their web designers do it for you. It looks to me like they are making the sites intentionally weak so you will want to hire someone to make them look better. The chunky drag and drop to me was way too confining. As you can see here in one of the basic templates, you can add in paragraphs with text, or an image on either side of the words. This isn’t so different from writing a WordPress post and adding images on the left or right, but even WordPress with free templates allows you a little more design flexibility. to me, the site just ends up being boring, and a little clunky.

weebly review

Screenshot of the Weebly Editor

You can only move that image left or right. It still seems very 1999 to me. Here is a sample site from Weebly:

Don’t get me wrong, the site looks very nice and neat. As do many Weebly sites.  But to me it just looks like a basic WordPress install, and much less easy to customize. Honestly, when you spot a Weebly site, you know it is a Weebly site.

Weebly is very popular and some people swear by it, but I just think it is kind of lame and a little annoying. Wow, that’s a glowing recommendation. I feel like this is not the best Weebly review ever, but it’s my honest opinion. That said, you should feel free to go to their site yourself and build a free site and test it out and see what you think.

My advice is to learn how to create your own website by following the simple instructions on our home page. Register your own domain, get a host, install WordPress then choose from thousands of cool free themes and/or some really nice looking premium WordPress themes.

Or, if you do want to use a Site Builder, I suggest trying Wix.Com. It’s a much nicer looking and more fluid site builder than Weebly. Kind of like an Apple versus a PC. For example, here are some sample Wix.Com sites:

Sample Wix Site on... um.. Camel Milk?

And here’s one more:

Wix Motorsport Sales Site

I just think these sites looks a lot cooler.

If you want to read my full Wix review click here.

To check out Wix.Com directly and make your own free, flash based, cool looking website click here.

And if you want to disregard my Weebly Review and check out Weebly for yourself (by all means, check it out), then click here.

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