Website Tonight Review: Dear God, Don’t Do It

I have to apologize in advance to Godaddy for this Website Tonight Review. I love Godaddy for domain registration and… well, that’s about it. They also have some great pictures of Danica Patrick. I’ll give them that. But when it comes to providing quality web hosting and an online website builder for customers in 2012 and beyond… dear God, be warned.

Website Tonight Review: It Would Be Great If It Was Still 1998

Godaddy’s Website Tonight website building suite is absolutely fantastic… if you want your website to look like it was designed 15 years ago! (Sorry for my math, but you get the point). And I’m sorry if this doesn’t seem like a Website Tonight Review and more of a “Roast”, but it’s true: it looks like they haven’t updated their software or templates since the late 90s.

Take a look. Here is a sample of their “automotive” template:

website tonight review

2012 Site or 1998 Site?

Come on! UGGGLY. I mean, I guess I can see this kind of thing being okay if you’re using a completely free service, but Website Tonight is $4.99 to $9.99 a month on top of Godaddy’s monthly hosting fee! For that you could get your own hosting account with Hostgator or Bluehost and install your own WordPress site. Or you could get a Premium, flash based site that looks good with Wix.Com.

I’m gonna keep trippin’ on this and show you some more Website Tonight Samples. This is from one of Godaddy’s affiliates, “showcasing” all these amazing templates:

More Amazing Impressive Templates. Moo.

Wow, look at the impressive header and menu on the side. Clunky monkey. And here’s another sample site from Godaddy’s own sales page, demonstrating their customer’s work:

 Even the font screams “late 1990s”. This is what sites looked like when Clinton was President. For the love of God, don’t do it. We recommend nearly anything other than Website Tonight, even Weebly would make you a nicer looking site and that one is free. Of course, if you want a killer website we still recommend learning how to create your own website using WordPress and using customization and premium templates to really blow away your customers.If you want to check it out on your own you can click here.

Best Website Tonight Alternative: Wix

If you’re looking for a much more attractive and modern alternative website builder, I suggest checking out “Wix”. Their templates leave Website Tonight in the dust, for example:

Sample Wix Site on... um.. Camel Milk?

You can read my full “Wix” review by clicking here or…

Click here to check out Wix directly.

This concludes my completely biased and no objective Website Tonight Review!

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