The Secret to Ranking in Google…

Here’s the secret to ranking your website in Google… there is no secret. Sorry. It’s a lot like the end of the Wizard of Oz. There is no magic wizard you need to get people to your website. No secret formula or code that Google “doesn’t want you to know about”.

There are however a lot of bullshit products and people out there that will happily take your money in exchange from some of these fake magic pills.

The fact is, just like the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz, you’ve got the key to ranking in Google in YOU the whole time.

It’s content. It always has been and always will be the main way that Google determines what’s valuable and what isn’t. But you can’t manipulate and trick your way onto google. The old school keyword stuffing strategies from long ago will land you nowhere in the search results. In fact these days, the more you try to trick Google into ranking your site the more likely you are to never see it in the results again.

The key is to focus almost 100% on the user experience. Write compelling, interesting, or at least entertaining articles and don’t worry about keyword density or alt tags or what not. But that takes work and intellectual effort. The reason get rich quick marketers are still making money is because people are lazy, and it’s very tempting to believe that there is some secret system you use to bypass the simple and unsexy reality: creating a lot of good content brings in traffic.

That’s it. No secret linking techniques, and push button automated software. Ya gotta write stuff.

You can also shoot videos and link them to your site from Youtube. But the point is you have to create.

Now keyword research tools and sites like Site Build It and Affiliates Blogger Pro can tell you how to target your content towards your visitors and how to make it profitable. There’s definitely an art to that. Check out my article on making money online for more information on this and scroll to the bottom for some links to reputable courses on how to do that effectively.

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