Step 3: Point Domain to Site

Okay, you’ve got to separate things: a domain name and a hosting account. How to connect them? Excellent question. You need to tell your domain company where the heck your website is. You do that by changing the nameservers.

“Nameservers” are just the specific, technical address for your site. Here’s what you need to do, it’s easy.

1.) Log into your Godaddy account here, at the top of the screen:

2.)Once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” tab.

3.) Now, click on the selection on the side menu that says “Domain Manager”.

4.) Now, click on your Domain and look for the Nameserver option on the bottom left side of the screen.

Click that button that says “Set Name Servers”.¬†

Now, what are your nameservers?

5.) Open a new browser window, and open the email you got from Hostgator. It will look like this:

You will see in the middle of the email “1st Nameserver” and “2nd Nameserver”.

6.) Copy the NameServers and Paste them into the appropriate boxes like this:

7. Click OK! Congrats, you’ve just pointed your domain to your site’s nameservers!

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