Step 2: Get a Host

The next step in how to create a website is choosing a web hosting company. A web host is the computer that your website lives on. If a domain is your website’s “street address” than the web host is the “house” itself. It’s the place where all the files, images, and structuring information is stored for your website.

Buying a web host is a lot like buying a home when learning how to create a website. You want to make sure your house is sturdy and you are in a good neighborhood. That’s why we recommend you avoid super cheap or free hosting, and go with a reliable and respected web hosting company.

The two best web hosting companies are Hostgator and Bluehost. With Bluehost you pay $6.95 a month, but you pay the first year up front. Hostgator has a cool coupon that allows you to get your first month for just one penny ($.01) and then pay month to month without any contract.

1.) Choose Your Hosting Plan

Hostgator has a “Hatchling” plan that allows you to host one website. If you ever want to build another website, you can easily upgrade to the “Baby” plan which allows you to host unlimited websites on that one hosting account, and it’s only about $1 more a month. If you already plan on building more than one site, go ahead and get the “Baby” plan.  Paying month to month, these plans are either $8 for the “Hatchling” or $9 for the “Baby” plan per month.

2). Enter Your Existing Domain Name. 

Since a hosting account needs a domain to be associated with it, you need to either register a new domain or use an existing one. Since you just registered one, just enter it in!

3.) Enter Your Coupon Code!

Now, go to the bottom of the screen and enter in your $.01 first month coupon code, which is “SUPERWEBSITE”, like this:

And click “Continue to Step 2”.

4.) Finalize and Pay $.01

Then on the next page, whether you choose Hatchling or Baby, you should see the bottom of the screen looking like this:

Once you create your account, you are all set! Your hosting account has been created.

You will soon receive an email, which we will explain below, helping you with the next step.

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