Step 1: Register a Domain

The first step of how to create a website is registering a domain name. The domain is like the “home address” of your house or apartment. The www. dot whatever. It’s the way the search engines and your visitors find your site and share it with others. When choosing a domain name, here are some things to think about. Click here for more in depth insight on domain names.

What is Your Website For?

Before registering your domain name you want to think about your goals for your website. Is it a personal website or blog? Are you setting up a site for your existing business, but online? Are you looking to start an online business? Whatever the reason, the domain name plays a part in how to create a website.

  • For personal blogs with random topics, portfolio sites, or if you are self employed and provide your own services (like consulting, etc.) it’s fine to use your own name as the url. You then, in essence, become the “brand” like Wal Mart of Coke. There’s It’s pretty cool!
  • For existing businesses, its totally fine to use your business name as the url, but you may also want to add a “keyword” that relates to what your business is. Let’s say “Pattersons” is the name of your Hardware store in Kentucky. Everyone in town knows what you do but most people online don’t. So for a domain name “” would be better than just “”.
  • For themed or focused topical websites, a completely “keyword rich” domain is perfect. This site is a great example! “”. The website title alone tells you what it’s about.
  • You do want to register a .com, .net, or .org domain. These “extensions” as they are know have more weight with the search engines and also are easier to remember. When was the last time you went to a popular .biz or .us website?
At the end of the day, when learning how to create a website don’t be too concerned with your domain name so long as you like it and it isn’t confusing to other people (we’ve had clients with websites like “”. Guh?!). We live in a world where the most popular websites in the world have ridiculous names like “Yahoo”, “Google”, and “Bing!”. There’s nothing about “Yahoo” that screams “Information hub for news stories” or “Google” that says “you can find anything online including a photo of your house with this website”.
Registering Your Domain Name with Godaddy (Discount Code!)

1.) Okay, now that you are ready to start first process of how to create a website. Ordinarily, a domain name costs about $11.99 a year. But click here or on the link below, you will be using a coupon to register your domain name for only $7.49. 

Once you click this link a new window will open you will see a search box that looks like this:
2.) Type in the domain name you’d like to search. Once you enter the domain name, Godaddy will tell you if it’s available and what other extensions you can buy, like this:
If you’re sitename is already taken, consider registering the *.net, or *.org version, or coming up with a slight variation.
3.) Then go ahead and add the site to your cart and follow the checkout instructions, then pay. (You don’t have to get any of the “add ons” such as email, etc. that Godaddy tries to sell you.) You only have to register for one year, you can easily renew at any time.
4.) Awesome! You’ve just registered your first domain name.

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