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Premium WordPress Templates are a good investment if you’re serious about making money with your website. While Free WordPress Themes can look pretty good, they typically lack the professional look of a polished website, as well as many of the customization options.

With Premium WordPress Templates you have a much broader ability to change the look and feel of your website, insert widgets and doo dads, autoresponders, social media buttons, change the width and breadth of the layouth, and a lot more things.

But most of all Premium WordPress Templates  give you instant credibility with your website visitors.

There are a ton of Premium WordPress Templates to choose from on the web, and nearly all of them are good. But there are a few Premium WordPress Templates that I like, and are very popular among bloggers and internet marketers. Good premium wordpress templates can cost anywhere from $47 up to $300. Don’t pay any more than that unless you are getting really nice customization.

And then there are two templates that I use on my sites, including the one this site right here.

Premium WordPress Templates Pick #1: Socrates

Socrates is the brainchild of 2 internet marketers, and its the current theme on this website you’re reading right now. Personally, I love Socrates and find it to be the most intuitive and easiest to use of all the premium wordpress templates out there.

That said, the only drawback for some folks is that Socrates provides a very basic design. I love this simplicity, as it looks polished and clean, but doesn’t require much setup. You can change the layout of the text in several different setups, and the theme also has built in widgets for AdSense Codes and ads.

You can also customize the header and background styling. This is a sample screenshot of another websites I run using the Socrates theme:

premium wordpress themes

Arrows Point to Spaces for AdSense Code

As you can see you can set up the site to have a big sidebar on either side, or dual sidebars on either side.

When you purchase the Socrates Theme you also get access to a huge library of tutorials on Internet Marketing and web design. You also get access to a forum where you can ask questions of the theme’s creator. The Theme is constantly being updated and improved, so it’s a good long term bet. It only costs $47 for a single person license and only about $20 more for unlimited use on unlimited sites.

Even though Socrates one of the top premium WordPress templates used today, you can try it out for 30 days for free with the Socrates free trial. The site will have full functionality.

Click here to check out the Socrates Theme now!

Premium WordPress Templates Pick #2: Thesis

The second of the Premium WordPress Templates we recommend is “Thesis” by DIYThemes. Thesis is extremely customizeable. You can change the width and dimension of sidebars, types of font and text size. It’s also ready for SEO. Thesis is very intuitive and easy to use.  Here are some sample sites that use Thesis:


I personally like Thesis because, like Socrates, it is very simple to figure out how to use. You can configure your own nav menus, upload your own header image, and get a nice looking blog without having any programming experience.

Click here to check out the Thesis Theme now!

More Premium WordPress Templates!

I’ve only dabbled in some of the following premium WordPress templates, but they are all endorsed by many internet marketers and small businesses.

StudioPress Template

Rosalind Gardner runs her NetProfitsToday on the StudioPress theme and she swears by it.

NetProfitsToday run on StudioPress

Click here to Check Out Studio Press Premium WordPress Templates!

Woo Themes

Woo Themes are more premium wordpress templates. The cool thing is that Woo offers a variety of free wordpress templates that you can test drive risk free. And you can get access to all of their themes for one price.

Click here to check out Woo Themes Premium WordPress Templates!


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