Making Money Online: A Clear and In Depth Answer

The Golden Question of our age is about making money online. The Internet has become a Gold Rush. We all know there is money to be made, and quite a few people are making it, so naturally we’d all like a piece.

Back in the 1890s in California, Gold was discovered. Back East, this rumbled across the country like a thunderstorm. “There’s GOLD in them thar hills!” People desperate for money and filled with dreams of fame and fortune sold all their possessions and went nuts looking for gold without a plan or any clue how to do it. The lure was simple. Get a map, some tools and a lot of hard work and you could find treasure in the land.

But if history has taught us anything (which it usually doesn’t), it’s that “rushing” for money leads to a lot of heartbreak and only a few millionaires.

The Internet Gold Rush is no different. People are desperately looking to learn about making money online and will eagerly fork over their own money to any snake oil salesman who says they have a secret method to get rich quick. People become overcome with desire for money and become easy marks for people selling making money online products.

Who made most of the money during the Gold Rush of the 1800s? The people selling  maps. 

The people who told the gold prospectors “here’s where you should go and what to do” are the ones who made the most cash during that time. In many cases, these crooked people made their fortune providing false maps and false hope to eager prospectors. 

If you are interested in making money online, you will find dozens of website, ads, and courses that look just like gold rush map and guide scams from the 1890s!

making money online

Gold! Clickbank Cash! Bullllshit! You are NOT going to make $300K by pushing a button a matter of days. (Just like most miners didn’t find a lick of gold mining in California, and it sure wasn’t easy).

In fact, the more realistic depiction of the average person’s Internet Marketing experience is this:

The cold hard truth is this:

Making Money Online Takes Time, Education, Planning, and Work

Which is great news! Right now, you can filter yourself out. If you were hoping for some quick answer on how to make money online without doing anything, you probably won’t find any of the information on this website valuable.

But if you’re genuinely interested in learning the process behind making money online, then keep reading.

It’s like weight loss. People still fall for those “lose weight fast” pills and products, even though they never ever really work. The abs models we see on tv who look so hot put a ton of work into producing their results.

Same with learning about making money online. There is no magic button. 

Making Money Online: The Real Basics

It’s actually very simple. Since 2005, more and more people are buying more and more things online. Here are the main ways people are making money online:

  1. They sell their own products, goods or services to someone through a website
  2. They sell someone elses products, goods, or services to someone through a website
  3. They provide advertising space on their website so other people can sell their products, goods, or services to people

Dell Computers sells their own product online. Joe Shmoe, who runs a blog about computer tips, makes money when someone clicks on add for a Dell Computer on his site and goes to Dell and buys their computer. (That’s called Affiliate Marketing). 

John Smith runs a blog where he puts up Google AdSense Ads on the site. When a visitor clicks an ad, he makes money.

That is the basic method of making money online, and everything else is a variation.

Repeat this one more time with me.

  1. Sell your own thing.
  2. Sell someone else’s thing.
  3. Sell ads for someone else’s thing.

You can sell almost anything online. One of the largest affiliate programs in the world is Amazon. So you can literally take a small percentage of a sale on everything from a home computer to a bike to a toothbrush to a Flat Screen TV to a Washing Machine.

Hamacher Schelmmer even sells an electric car that costs $100,000. A 10% commission on that is $10,000.

The online vendor Clickbank sells e products on everything from health to home improvement. Pimping out one of their e products can net you anywhere from $20 to $40 a sale. (My own site, is a Clickbank product, and my affiliates make $30 a sale).

My site is a little blog I set up last year. When someone clicks an ad, I usually get $2 to $3.75 just for them clicking on some ad.

Wow! Awesome! Money money money! Right?

Slow down. This is where people go nuts.

Making Money Online: The Pitfalls

This is the worst part of beginning to try to learn about making money online. Once your imagination gets ahold of the possibility you will feel great, and start to get very antsy to start making money. Many people run after this product or that product or this guru or that guru promising a method to make money from Amazon, make money from Google AdSense, or make money from Clickbank. 

There’s one thing missing from most beginners’ awareness when learning about making money online.


There’s one thing missing from most beginner’s behavior when learning about making money online.


There’s one thing missing from most beginners’ attitude when learning about making money online.


There’s one thing missing from most beginners’ mindset when learning about making money online.


So here’s what usually happens.

Beginners don’t realize that it’s People who are going to be buying their products, clicking on their affiliate links to buy, or click on their AdSense ads. And therefore they don’t create websites that engage people or inspire people to trust them or want to buy from them, so they fail.

Beginners don’t plan their sites. They simply set one up and hope people will come and buy their products, then get frustrated when nobody shows up and they don’t make any money. They don’t learn how to realistically find a good product to make or promote and how to generate traffic before even setting up their firstpage.

Beginners don’t have the patience necessary for the entire process of learning and executing the process of making money online. Beginner’s tend to have unrealistic expectations of fast money without understanding it can be 6 months to a year before you are making anything, just like any real world business.

Beginners don’t have the persistence to follow through on these first three things, and many give up before having any success because of faulty expectations and worse, faulty teachings.

And it usually happens simply because they didn’t have a frank, honest, heart to heart sit down with an experienced Internet Marketer before they began.

So before you go off in the wrong direction and end up on the “Dark Side” like Darth Vader, let me be your Making Money Online Yoda. Or at least Obi Won Kanobe.

Actually, to be honest, I’m neither of those things. You see, as I mention on the page “Why Should You Listen to Me?” I am not an internet millionaire. Even though I know about making money online, I still work a day job and haven’t retired.

I’ve made over $5,000 in 2011, my first year of Internet Marketing. It was nice passive income, a great accomplishment, and a great start as far as making money online, but I am no guru.

So I can’t show teach about making money online to the point where you are ready to retire in a year.

However, I can help guide you towards the best resources, the resources I uses to have realistic success making money online within only a few months.

Making Money Online Trusted Teachers

Site Build It

Site Build It has helped more ordinary people monetize their knowledge and information that any other guru around. I joined Site Build It in April of 2010 and spent 7 full days watching their  in depth step by step, easy to understand tutorials on Internet Marketing.

These Tutorials alone were worth much more than the $30 a month for their service. They basically broke down everything I mentioned above about why people fail in Internet Marketing, and what to do instead.

Specifically, they spoke to me when I had no idea what to make my website about. Seriously, I just knew I wanted to make money online. They helped inspire me to look into my own heart and find my own passions. I realized that as a filmmaker and film school graduate I had a lot to say about film education. I created the Site “” through their training and had the site set up on their site builder program.

Within a month I was getting about 20 visitors a day to my site. (That’s  LOT MORE than most new website owners). The only thing for me with Site Build It was that I preferred the WordPress platform and being able to have more control over my design. But I took everything they taught me and used it to create my the current incarnation of

The great thing about Site Build It is that they cover every single aspect of Internet Marketing, including the most daunting: getting traffic. They take very confusing processes like keyword and competition research and make it simple. (Keyword research is basically finding out what terms people are searching for, and competition research is seeing how difficult it is to get on Google for that term).

The other thing is that the people making money from Site Build It are not “gurus” or “salespeople”. They are ordinary people. 

Site Build It has a huge list of successful sites, on every topic you can think of including Juggling, Vacuum Cleaner Selection, Photography, and more.

Site Build It also comes with a community. You immediately get access to Members Forums, and unlike some other online forums, you’ll quickly find that these are real people helping each other to have success online. I met some great people during my time with SBI. There are veterans there to answer newbie questions. It’s extremely helpful to have this kind of community support.

Site Build It is around $30 a month. This not only includes the instructions and community support, but the complete sitebuilding tool, hosting, and site design for your website. SBI also automates submission of your sitemaps to Google and many other things that most new bloggers don’t know how to do. It’s an incredible deal, and if you put your time into it, it will pay off.

Check out Site Build It by Clicking Here. 

One of the thins that irritates me about most making money online “gurus” is that the testimonials and “rave reviews” they have on their sites only comes from other internet marketing gurus. For example, let’s say there is a course by Joe Smith called “Internet Cash Flow Mastery” and it promises you all these results. Usually the quotes from people saying “This is the best thing ever!” don’t come from normal people who bought the course and used it improve their lives. Those quotes from other guys trying to sell their own making money online courses.


The folks who use SBI are homemakers, retirees, Dads who want extra income to support their families, etc.

Click here for a ton of examples of sites that have been successful using Site Build It!

Making Money Online Trusted Source #2: Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind Gardner has been making money online since the late 1990s, mostly as an Affiliate Marketer. She’s also one of the few women in the making money online teaching sphere.  Rosalind’s blogs are similar to Site Build It’s in lamenting unscrupulous selling practices of other IM “gurus”, and also giving tips and advice on how to actually earn income online instead of chasing a pipe dream.

Rosalind’s first ebook “The Super Affiliate Handbook” was a big hit a few years ago. In under 200 pages it provides the basics of making money online: how to pick a niche, sign up for affiliate programs, and generate traffic for your blog.

Last year Rosalind launched a new course which is much more exciting, in my opinion. Called Affiliate Blogger Pro, it’s a multimedia and souped up version of the Super Affiliate Handbook. Instead of an ebook the course features step by step video instructions on how to set up a blog (similar to this site, but more in depth), but more importantly how to set one up that targets a niche of your passion and interest and how to monetize.

Beyond that she includes samples of her own successful websites. (This is huge: most “gurus” won’t ever let you see their money sites. But Rosalind gives you an in depth behind the scenes view that is so helpful when setting up your own sites). This course is something ridiculous like $27 a month. I personally think she should be charging more. For that you get access to all the tutorials and you actually get to ask Rosalind questions yourself. Which is amazing, I think, to be able to get guidance from a woman making more than $600,000 a year on the internet.

She’s a good egg, this one, when it comes to making money online.

Click here to check out Affiliate Blogger Pro.

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