Internet Marketing: Endless Income Possibilities

Internet Marketing has opened up unimaginable possibilities for many people throughout the world. It’s put the process and cost of starting your own business within reach to millions of people who previous couldn’t do it. Unlike traditional brick and mortar businesses, which used to require thousands of dollars to pay for employees, an office space, office supplies, inventory, shipping, and so on… an online business can be run for almost nothing, and maintained for even less.

Creating a website costs so little that even people in third world countries can do it. For a nominal fee os $5 to $10 a month, online hosting companies provide users with a whole toolbox of high tech tools and space to put their sites. These include WordPress site building platform, their own proprietary site building solutions, analytics and web traffic monitor software, plus free advertising credits and advice on how to get started.

Ten years ago, creating a website meant you had to learn HTML or other complex computer code. But the interface these days, including site builders and WordPress, allows people to put up sites with the click of a button.

Once you’ve learned how to create a website, there are literally hundreds of different ways to attract visitors and monetize your site. Commerce has expanded exponentially in the last 50 years. Every little niche of the consumer market has a product or service you can sell to someone else. While the big markets, such as online dating sites, weight loss solutions, and pet care products are still in high demand, there are many people making a living online through very targeted markets.

For instance World of Warcraft is an online game played by millions of computer users every day. As such, experienced gamers have come up with strategy guides and walkthroughs. On a site like Clickbank, at least 2 or three of these products generate massive sales for their creators and affiliates.

So if you’re interesting in making money online, don’t limit yourself to thinking about traditional products and services. In the old days you really did have to think between the lines in a very limited way. Do you want to be a lawyer or a salesman? And if you were a salesman, what kind of things would you be selling? Insurance, advertising, boring stuff. But I’ve even seen an online ebook teaching people how to become a Hollywood stuntman! (And yes, it sells).

People sell everything from beat making software to home made jewlery to their own iphone apps online. Many others promote their personal services such as coaching or being a financial adviser on the web.

One of the key ingredients to having a successful online business is to make your website website about something you are excited and enthusiastic about. Something you will enjoy and have a passion for writing about every day.

Because as exciting as this possibility is, it definitely still requires work. Even though much of the legwork has been taken out of setting up a business thanks to the web, the process of attracting customers, pitching them your product, and converting them into a sale is the same. It requires that you know your market, get web traffic, and provide something of real value to your visitors. But this is much more fun and easier to do if you happen to be passionate about the thing you are selling.

Start imagining your future and the possibilities are endless.

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