How to Make Money with a Blog

how to make money with a blogEvery day, thousands of people try to figure out how to make money with a blog. And most of them get it completely wrong. Did you know that WordPress has over 70 million websites created through their platform? And each month, WordPress claims that over 308 million people visit those sites.

But wait a minute. If you want to know how to make money with a blog, consider this: that’s only about 4 to 5 visitors a month per blog.

Seriously. 4 to 5?!

Well yeah.

If you have 70 million websites and only 308 million visitors, take 70 million and multiply it by 4 that’s 280 million people. Multiply by 5 and that’s about 350 million people. We’re ballparking here.

The point is: just setting up a blog doesn’t mean you know how to make money with a blog. Most of those blogs were set up by hopeful people who heard about the latest craze of people making money online with little blogs and rushed out to buy them without learning how it’s done.

The result? A website with no traffic. (Bear in mind that figure includes all the high traffic sites on the net, which means the average WordPress site probably gets even less than 5 visitors month, more like 0!)

How to Make Money with a Blog: The Right Way

Personally, I don’t much care for “tips” and “tricks” when it comes to business advice. But here’s a tip that works: approach how to make money with a blog not as a money making scheme but as your very own small business. Truly, your little website can be a genuine producer of income but only if you treat it seriously and learn how this is done.

To truly know how to make money with a blog, you have to create a website that provides useful or entertaining information to people, in order to provide the lifeblood of any online business: traffic. People coming to the site. Then, you have to plan how you are going to monetize the traffic once it arrives.

For instance, you might write a blog on knitting or artwork that provides cool tips to people who share those interests. Once they arrive, you might put ads on the blog from Google, and every time someone clicks an ad, you get paid. Or you might even sell your own course on knitting or art, or what not.

But there is a process to this. Certain subjects have more advertisers than others and some pay more. (I.e. a blog about car insurance will have big ass car insurance companies paying for ads on Google, which is why that niche is so competitive. And also so boring). But an obscure topic like how to build blow glass in the shape of 15th century knights probably won’t have many advertisers, and hence less traffic and less clicks.

One thing is for sure: when looking to learn how to make money with a blog, always stick with something that interests you. If you try chasing the money, or “autoblogging” (which is the lame practice of copying other people’s writing to try and trick Google into getting traffic), then you will probably fail.

The best bet is to find a successful blogger and read their stuff until you trust them, then see if they offer tips or a course on this.

How to Make Money with a Blog… or Website?

So many people wonder how to make money with a blog that they overlook the difference between a “blog” and a website. A blog is typically a random collection of people’s writings, almost like a journal, but online. Entries may be archived into similar categories (like you put all your weight loss and mindset articles into one big category), but they are generally not set up in a very orderly way.

You may notice that this site has menus that lead to specific topics and not just random articles on things. My site is hosted on a WordPress “blog” but it is not set up like one; it is set up like a static website with a menu and topic pages. Whereas this one article “how to make money with a blog” is part of a blog within my website.

One of the biggest lessons a good internet marketing coach will convey when teaching you how to make money with a blog… is how not to be a “blogger”. But rather how to structure your site in a way that is easy to navigate and helps you monetize your content. That is why I recommend Site Build It to learn the basics of how to make money with a blog… or a website. It sounds complex, but it’s pretty simple.

Click here to read this article on the difference between blogging and a website that works by Site Build It.

Another great resource for learning how to make money with a blog is the course Affiliate Blogger Pro by Rosalind Gardner. Either of these resources are the best way to learn how to make money with a blog.

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