How to Make a Free Website

You can actually make a darn good looking website for free, without any technical experience, thanks to a number of cool website builders. is one of the most popular ways to make a free website in the world. You sign up for it literally like an email account and presto you have your own site.

WordPress allows you to blog, creating pages and posts easily and also features a number of tutorials. You can also upload a number of themes to make your website look cool.

The downside is that your website domain is going to be “”. In other words, it’s not fully the name of your website. However for about $10 WordPress will let you transfer your site easily so that your site can be something like “”.

The downside of making your own free website is that you have absolutely no control over hosting. You also don’t get any technical support if something goes wrong with your site. This can be a major pain… but the good thing is that these big sites don’t usually have any major problems.

However, if you are running an e commerce site or creating your own business online you definitely want to pay for hosting so you can get customer support and have control over your server.

While, Weebly, and Tumblr are all cool blogging platforms, our favorite way to make a free website is a site builder called “Wix”.

Wix is a little different from WordPress because the Templates have been designed by professional web designers, and many feature a Flash based interface? What does that mean in plain English?

Wix sites look super professional and super cool. What’s best is that even though they look classier than normal sites the monthly fee is still about the same and you can create your own Wix site for free.

Here’s a visual aid to help out. This is a sample WordPress site:

Sample WordPress.Com Site

Which isn’t bad by the way. But this is a sample Wix.Com site:

Sample Wix Site

The Wix site has tons of templates in plenty of different categories. The one above is for a beauty related website/blog. I just think they look more professional, and many Wix sites also work as ecommerce sites.

Click here to build your own Wix website for free in just a couple of minutes.


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