Free WordPress Templates

Free WordPress Templates are great if you are just starting your blog for personal use or want to throw up some videos or pics to show your friends. There are literally thousands of free wordpress templates available online if you simply google the term. However, before doing that that there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Not all Free WordPress Templates Are Created Equal

A classic “blog” really is a timely updated “weblog” that can run on and on for pages. Many Free Website Templates have the look of a “blog”: kind of clunky and a long run on of words with no orgnization. Or they look too “cookie cutter”, like every other blog out there. Whereas a website used for either your personal consulting business, personal branding, portfoliom or ecommerce should be set up for easier customization and navigation (with menus and clearly labeled buttons, not just a bunch of posts in a row).

Most people serious about blogging or ecommerce check out Premium WordPress Templates, which only cost a small amount of money compared to the benefits they offer. But it is definitely possible to find free WordPress Templates that include the ability to customize and an attractive layout, but you have to seek them out.

We recommend checking out this Woo Themes:

Free WooThemes Selection

Woo Themes is one of the few pemium WordPress template creators that also offers fully functional and attractive free wordpress templates. Any of these themes will make your blog look much fuller and more professional than the typical free wordpress templates.

You can also check out this blog post on Smashing Magazine, which links over to a ton of quality free WordPress Templates:

Smashing Magazine Free WordPress Templates Article

Finally, we also recommend Flash XML, which offers a variety of hot and flashy free WordPress Themes (I don’t know how these things are free), which also come with many tutorials showing you how to install flash plugins to make your blog look really good:

Flash XML Templates

The templates mentioned here for the most part offer more customization options than other free WordPress Templates. But if you want real customization and stylizing for your website make sure to check out the Premium WordPress Templates.

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