Another Reason Why Godaddy Sucks: Power Outage

Yesterday Goaddy’s hosting serving went down for hours. This may have been the result of hacking by the group “Anonymous”… or not. But either way, if I was hosting a sucky “Website Tonight” site on their servers to begin with, and then had it drop out for that long, I’d probably be shaking my head.

Other hosts like Hostgator, Bluehost, and the hosting of website builders like Wix.Com have never experienced such a long blackout. Shared hosts are tasked with managing multiple servers and millions of websites, so you can expect problems a few minutes every month. But for a system to go down like that is really disturbing. And if you didn’t already have enough reasons to avoid Godaddy’s hosting service, that’s another one.

The reason why Godaddy was targeted? Apparently they supported SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act that enraged people across the country and inspired massive political action to stop it. The bill would have given the government sweeping powers to take down websites that posted copyrighted content. That means that if someone put up a blog post on a big site like Youtube or you had a clip from American Idol or something on your site, your entire server could be taken out.

Even Senators who had supported the bill turned on it when the public outcry was so intense. I’m frankly shocked to learn that Godaddy supported SOPA, but now I am considering moving all of my domains to another service, because that is just insane.

In the meantime, consider a less politically charged and more reliable host for your websites, like Hostgator or Bluehost.


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