How to Create a Website

how to create a websiteThink it’s complicated to learn how to create a website? Not so! In fact, even if you don’t anything technical about the web or can barely program your smart phone, we are going to show you how to create a website in under an hour.

A website is more than just a cool thing to have these days; it’s a powerful tool to communicate yourself, your ideas, or your business to the world.  “How to Create a Website” .Net is a place  to help you understand deeper aspects of designing your website and helping it to function for your goals online.

Whether you are just interested in how to create a website for putting up your own personal blog or want to seriously make money online, we’d like to help. But before we get into all that, let’s start this simple walkthrough of how to create a website.

Site Builder or WordPress?

When considering how to create a website, most people use WordPress, which is a very versatile and easy to use site building program. It requires a little but of work to set up, which is what the following walktrough is for. But if you’d like a more “hold your hand”/cardboard approach to how to create a website feel free to learn more about Online Site Builders.

This site is hosted on WordPress, and its the interface we recommend. (It’s also typically cheaper!)

How to Create a Website Step#1: Register a Domain

The first step of how to create a website is registering a domain name. The domain is like the “home address” of your house or apartment. The www. dot whatever. It’s the way the search engines and your visitors find your site and share it with others. When choosing a domain name, here are some things to think about. Click here for more in depth insight on domain names.

What is Your Website For?

Before registering your domain name you want to think about your goals for your website. Is it a personal website or blog? Are you setting up a site for your existing business, but online? Are you looking to start an online business? Whatever the reason, the domain name plays a part in how to create a website.

  • For personal blogs with random topics, portfolio sites, or if you are self employed and provide your own services (like consulting, etc.) it’s fine to use your own name as the url. You then, in essence, become the “brand” like Wal Mart of Coke. There’s It’s pretty cool!
  • For existing businesses, its totally fine to use your business name as the url, but you may also want to add a “keyword” that relates to what your business is. Let’s say “Pattersons” is the name of your Hardware store in Kentucky. Everyone in town knows what you do but most people online don’t. So for a domain name “” would be better than just “”.
  • For themed or focused topical websites, a completely “keyword rich” domain is perfect. This site is a great example! “”. The website title alone tells you what it’s about.
  • You do want to register a .com, .net, or .org domain. These “extensions” as they are know have more weight with the search engines and also are easier to remember. When was the last time you went to a popular .biz or .us website?
At the end of the day, when learning how to create a website don’t be too concerned with your domain name so long as you like it and it isn’t confusing to other people (we’ve had clients with websites like “”. Guh?!). We live in a world where the most popular websites in the world have ridiculous names like “Yahoo”, “Google”, and “Bing!”. There’s nothing about “Yahoo” that screams “Information hub for news stories” or “Google” that says “you can find anything online including a photo of your house with this website”.
Registering Your Domain Name with Godaddy (Discount Code!)

1.) Okay, now that you are ready to start first process of how to create a website. Ordinarily, a domain name costs about $11.99 a year. But click here or on the link below, you will be using a coupon to register your domain name for only $7.49. 

Once you click this link a new window will open you will see a search box that looks like this:
2.) Type in the domain name you’d like to search. Once you enter the domain name, Godaddy will tell you if it’s available and what other extensions you can buy, like this:
If you’re sitename is already taken, consider registering the *.net, or *.org version, or coming up with a slight variation.
3.) Then go ahead and add the site to your cart and follow the checkout instructions, then pay. (You don’t have to get any of the “add ons” such as email, etc. that Godaddy tries to sell you.) You only have to register for one year, you can easily renew at any time.
4.) Awesome! You’ve just registered your first domain name.

How to Create a Website Step #2: Get Hosting

The next step in how to create a website is choosing a web hosting company. A web host is the computer that your website lives on. If a domain is your website’s “street address” than the web host is the “house” itself. It’s the place where all the files, images, and structuring information is stored for your website.

Buying a web host is a lot like buying a home when learning how to create a website. You want to make sure your house is sturdy and you are in a good neighborhood. That’s why we recommend you avoid super cheap or free hosting, and go with a reliable and respected web hosting company.

The two best web hosting companies are Hostgator and Bluehost. With Bluehost you pay $6.95 a month, but you pay the first year up front. Hostgator has a cool coupon that allows you to get your first month for just one penny ($.01) and then pay month to month without any contract.

1.) Choose Your Hosting Plan

Hostgator has a “Hatchling” plan that allows you to host one website. If you ever want to build another website, you can easily upgrade to the “Baby” plan which allows you to host unlimited websites on that one hosting account, and it’s only about $1 more a month. If you already plan on building more than one site, go ahead and get the “Baby” plan.  Paying month to month, these plans are either $8 for the “Hatchling” or $9 for the “Baby” plan per month.

2). Enter Your Existing Domain Name. 

Since a hosting account needs a domain to be associated with it, you need to either register a new domain or use an existing one. Since you just registered one, just enter it in!

3.) Enter Your Coupon Code!

Now, go to the bottom of the screen and enter in your $.01 first month coupon code, which is “SUPERWEBSITE”, like this:

And click “Continue to Step 2”.

4.) Finalize and Pay $.01

Then on the next page, whether you choose Hatchling or Baby, you should see the bottom of the screen looking like this:

Once you create your account, you are all set! Your hosting account has been created.

You will soon receive an email, which we will explain below, helping you with the next step. And that is…

How to Create a Website Step #3: Pointing to Your Host

Okay, you’ve got to separate things: a domain name and a hosting account. How to connect them? Excellent question. You need to tell your domain company where the heck your website is. You do that by changing the nameservers.

“Nameservers” are just the specific, technical address for your site. Here’s what you need to do, it’s easy.

1.) Log into your Godaddy account here, at the top of the screen:

2.)Once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” tab.

3.) Now, click on the selection on the side menu that says “Domain Manager”.

4.) Now, click on your Domain and look for the Nameserver option on the bottom left side of the screen.

Click that button that says “Set Name Servers”. 

Now, what are your nameservers?

5.) Open a new browser window, and open the email you got from Hostgator. It will look like this:

You will see in the middle of the email “1st Nameserver” and “2nd Nameserver”.

6.) Copy the NameServers and Paste them into the appropriate boxes like this:

7. Click OK! Congrats, you’ve just pointed your domain to your site’s nameservers!

How to Create a Website Step 4: WordPress

Okay, now it’s time to install the backbone of your site, the WordPress install. It takes literally a few clicks of a button.

1.) First, log into your web hosting account using the login info found in the email from Hostgator.

Go to the “Control Panel” Url on the email and enter in your username and password.

2.) Once you are logged in, you with see your “C Panel” control panel screen. Look at the bottom for the “Services” icon specifically the one that says “Fantastico!”

Click it!

3.) On the next screen you’ll see the option for “WordPress”, like this:

Click the WordPress button and then…

4.) You’ll have the option of creating a new install (hint: you can install hundreds of WordPress blogs on one hosting account. But for now, it’s just one).

Click “New Installation”

5.) Finally, uou will come to the WordPress install screen, like this below:

Fill in all the fields for your own website, and remember your username and password!

Click Install WordPress and Voila! You’ve just set up your first website!

How to Create a Website Step 5: Check Out Your Site

Okay, you’ve learned how to create a website… now it’s time to check out your site and begin setting it up. The WordPress interface is very easy to use and customizeable. This website “how to create a website .net” is run on a WordPress platform with a variety of modifications.

But in the beginning, your website will look very simple and basic.

1.)  Check out your website at :

You’ll see something that looks like this screenshot (which uses the default WordPress theme “Twenty Eleven”)

2.) Log into your site’s control panel will be

That /wp-admin suffix will become very familiar to you. When you type in, you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

3.) Enter in your username and password and you will be taken to the main WordPress Dashboard:


4.) You are now ready to begin customizing and building your site. We could add more on how to create a website here, but that’s enough for this page. And it concludes a wonderful accomplishment: actually getting a functioning website online and ready to go.

Did you know many web designers charge people up to $2,000 to do this process for them? 

Though your site may be very basic now, you’ve learned how to create a website in a way most people have no idea bout.

For more information on how to create a website, including more tutorials on how to set up WordPress and navigate your website, click here!

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